What is a Strategic Life Plan and Why You Need It?

We are all busy all the time. Busy at work, at home, and rushing all the time. But are we really making progress? Are we really making ourselves, our relationships, and our work better and better? The truth is we are busy being busy. We complain we never have enough time BUT the real problem is that we are not strategic with our time.

Let me ask you this:
Are you focusing on the things that matter most to you? For most people, if they are truly honest, the answer is no. If I ask you what your priorities are, what matters most to you and then I saw a video of you on a regular day, would your priorities match what you do? Most of us don’t even know what our priorities are. We are so focused on our day to day that we don’t take the time to stop and set clear long-term goals and action plans for each area of our life.

We’ve also normalized the fact that if we succeed in one or two areas of our life, other areas suffer. For most people, it’s hard to be able to excel in all areas of life. We usually feel like we have to compromise one area for another. And when this happens, we start to complain and blame others or our circumstances. The problem is that once we blame something or someone outside of us, we give our power away. We’re letting others decide what happens to us. We need to take responsibility to change everything we don’t like, to shift our mindset, to focus on abundance and notice the blessings we usually take for granted in our life.
Nothing outside of you has the power to make you feel, think, or act some way unless you allow it. Most people are usually strategic in their work. They set goals and maybe they have a business plan that gives them clarity and direction or some sort of action plan to reach their goals.

What if we were strategic in all areas of our life as well? So that we are intentionally focusing on the things that matter most to us, that move us closer to our long-term life goals and continuously improve every area of our life. When you build a house for example, you first create a House Plan where you visualize the details of the house, the layouts, and dimensions. You think deliberately and in detail about what you want and why. What if you had a plan like this for all areas of your life so that you know what’s important to you and you make sure that your thoughts, actions, routines, and habits are aligned to help you get it.

We believe, In The Purpose Strategy, that everyone can live a fulfilling life they love on their own terms. But it won’t happen by magic, it won’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen by chance. It will only happen if you are strategic and purposeful to make it happen. And most importantly, it doesn’t have to be hard.

There are 4 keys to live a fulfilling life you love on your own terms:

1. Purpose

Having a strong sense of meaning and purpose. Understanding your unique contribution to the world. Our formula to find your sense of purpose in life is a deep understanding of yourself: your passions + values + ideal world + contributions. Once you deep dive in all of these you align with what truly fulfills you. This is your unshakable foundation to start living your purpose.

2. Vision

Being excited about your future and having clarity of what you want. If you don’t know what you want how are you going to get it? The key is to attach your short term goals to your long term life vision.
Let me explain the difference of goal setting vs having a Life Vision.
a. Goals are specific, narrow, short term, and help us identify our next steps. They are a fantastic tool. However, because we set goals for a specific area of our life, we usually don’t see how they will affect other areas of our life and if the direction they will take us to is really where we want to go.
b. Life Vision is long term, it’s holistic, focused on your legacy and purpose and it’s your north start for big decisions. The key is to set your mid-term and short-term goals based on your Life Vision. This is how you will make the most progress and be the most productive. In The Purpose Strategy Method, we focus on creating a Life Vision deep diving in 12 life areas and afterwards setting 5 Big Goals for the next 3 years.

3. Inner Peace

Healing your past, present and future. Letting go of everything internally and externally that is limiting you. Most people don’t do this step so they may unconsciously sabotage themselves when they are about to make a leap and that’s why it’s harder for them to reach their goals. Because we all have unconscious limitations that are holding us back. What’s key is to become aware of them and transform them so that you can live at your full potential. It’s like taking layers off. First start with identifying and transforming your limiting beliefs, then focus on forgiving so that you let go of any grudges, resentment & toxicity. You need to let go of all external limitations, this can be toxic people, clutter, arguments, bad habits, etc. to welcome new possibilities and create space to receive love and take your power back. This is when you are ready to bring more self-love, self-confidence, and self-empowerment into your life.

4. Loving Your Day to Day

Designing routines and habits that work for you instead of against you and bring more intentionality and appreciation to your day to day. Your days are your life in miniature. Your Life Purpose and Life Vision serve as the compass for your life. Your routines and rituals are the system that make every day worthwhile, important, fun, and intentionally set up so that we reach our goals. How can you bring more joy, love, and appreciation to your day to day?

We call these 4 keys a Strategic Life Plan.

Just like businesses have business plans what if we as individuals had life plans that gave us the same type of clarity, direction and meaning? A Strategic Life Plan is a booklet that summarizes your life strategy so that you are living by design and not by chance. A Strategic Life Plan helps you understand your purpose, it helps you create a long-term vision and helps you let go of all conscious and unconscious limitations and design routines that work for you.

Strategic Life Plans are about constant improvement.

They are about living your purpose. About becoming a better version of yourself every day. They are about having more connected relationships. About doing your best work, thriving, and contributing to others and feeling fully abundant. Having a strategic life plan gives you direction and focus to spend your time and energy on what matters most to you. So that you are more intentional, set clear goals and have a career that you love and fulfills you. When you get crystal clear on what you want in your life and you align your plans and habits with that, track them consistently and create accountability, you literally cannot fail. This system can completely transform your life.

I see so many people feeling stressed and overwhelmed; and they are so busy all the time. And yet, they always feel like they are compromising. Like they are not making progress and like they have to sacrifice one area of their life for another. The scariest part of it is that we’ve normalized living this way. But we really don’t have to. As we mentioned before, we really believe that everyone can live a fulfilling life they love on their own terms. And you can start by creating a strategic life plan.

The good news is that we’ve deconstructed this process into a 6-Module in depth online course that gives you everything you need to create your Strategic Life Plan. It’s a structured, self-paced, actionable, and effective methodology.

But we really want to get you started so we’ve created a free 1-hour Masterclass packed with valuable concepts that you can put into action right away.

In the Masterclass we will explain The Purpose Strategy Method Formula:
Strategic Life Plan =
Purpose + Life Vision = Compass
Breaking Through + Goals, Systems & Routines = Real Life Changes
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Ana Eskenasy & Efi Parissi

Ana Eskenasy & Efi Parissi, are Life Strategists and Founders of The Purpose Strategy. They help people create their Strategic Life Plan through online courses, 1:1 coaching, and seminars. Their purpose is to help people strategically live a fulfilling life at their full potential. Their proven methodology is integrated, actionable and effective.