Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Media Marketing – THESSALONIKI

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The award winning digital marketing course

A professional course with a recognizable certificate/diploma for all digital marketing strategies & platforms, social media, tactics and tools. Offers thorough step-by-step lectures, tutorials and hands-on exercises.

Outcomes of this course

After completing this course you will be able to:

• Obtain the most advanced in-demand certification in digital marketing
• Fully understand the features of all digital & social media channels.
• Have the ability to setup your business or your customers in all digital marketing platforms.
• Identify problems, evaluate problem-solving strategies, and develop solutions.
• Demonstrate the ability to evaluate all different insights, analytics and metrics.
• Create cohesive, persuasive content and distribute it to others
• Create amazing ad creatives and social media posts.
• Plan and run advanced advertising campaigns in different platforms.
• Integrate and apply digital marketing strategies and propose concepts.
• Work in any digital marketing position and immediately find a job.
• Sell digital marketing services to others.
• Train others about digital marketing.

Delivery: 3 months in a class

This course takes place every week in a class in Thessaloniki, Greece. Students attend lectures & live tutorials and collaborate with others on team exercises & presentations. After completing this course they get final certificate. 


This EQF 5 level training program has an exceptional syllabus. Includes all the digital & social media marketing channels, campaigns, strategies, practices, tools, metrics & key performance indicators. Inspired by the universities and driven by the latest updates in the digital & social media marketing industry.

Transform your career, start working immediately

This professional training and certificate is your best step towards thriving in a career as a certified Digital Marketing Specialist. After graduating, you will be able to immediately find a job or offer services. Secure a solid future with this highly-demanded skill-set.

Thrive with industry-recognized credentials

Organizations are assured of the quality of this training. It has a long track record as a catalyst for change, an excellent reputation and is trusted by thousands of top agencies, brands, and corporations. Meet employers’ expectations by gaining real practical experience.

This is an award-winning education

Awarded as the ‘Best Digital & Social Media Education’ in Greece, by Social Media World.

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